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Organic Isn't Just for Food Anymore
Pam Jung - The Union - January 20, 2003

The story of one couple's organic wedding in Nevada City, California. The couple's environmental activism and the bride's distaste for the commercialization of weddings led them to plan an eco-friendly event. Food, drink, and flowers were organic. For the reception, the couple eschewed disposable tableware and embraced reused vases and organic flowers for decorating. My favorite part of this article is the beautiful and touching organic "patchwork quilt" wedding cake baked by the couple's family and friends.

Organic Weddings, Part I: Tree-Free and Eco-Chic
Michelle Kozin

The first of a three-part series of articles by the author of Organic Weddings: Balancing Ecology, Style, and Tradition. The articles cover wedding fashion, food, gifts, and all of the other parts of the celebration. This article links to the other two articles in the series.

Weddings with Heart
A series of articles with pratical tips on making your wedding eco-conscious and socially-conscious. Articles in the series are "Weddings with Heart", "Involving Your Guests", "Eco-Friendly Weddings", "Registering for Charity", and "Volunteer Honeymoon". Each article has links to additional resources.

Nice Day for a...Green Wedding: Planning a Ceremony That Celebrates the Earth
Elizabeth Hilts - E Magazine - May/June 1999
Covers the growing trend of green weddings and the different options available for planning one. A quote in the article from a professional wedding planner who planned a green wedding: "The event was just beautiful, and it wasn't any more difficult to arrange than any other wedding. There are so many options out there now. Finding environmental alternatives to traditional wedding items is really not an issue."

Buying Green: A Match Made in Heaven Begins with the Earth
Amy Rutledge - Enough! - Issue #24, Summer 2003
Describes a couple who had a green wedding as an expression of their values. Mentions the challenges in finding a reception hall and/or caterer that will provide organic/local food, reduce and recycle any disposable products, and donate leftover food. Has advice on "greening" the various other parts of a wedding celebration as well.

It's a Nice Day for a Cheap Wedding
Jennifer Errick - Living Green Below Your Means - May 2, 2006

In this blog entry, the author recounts her adventures and strategies for planning her upcoming wedding to be both green and cheap (under $5,000). What to do when the pricey organic hemp gown is not an option! Readers also chime in with their advice and experiences.

Green Weddings (and More)
Tracy Fernandez Rysavy - RealMoney - March/April 2006
Lots of great ideas for greening various aspects of a wedding, from wedding attire alternatives, to venue selection (and green tags for traveling guests), to tableware, to charitable registry websites. Opens with a nice description of an eco-friendly garden wedding in NYC.

Love Is Green: Tips for a Special Wedding, Commitment Ceremony, or Party with the Earth in Mind
New American Dream Staff - In Balance - Issue #36, Summer 2006
A potpourri of eco-friendly, values-conscious highlights from seven different weddings of New American Dream staff members.

Charitable Wedding News Archives
I Do Foundation
Scroll down to the bottom right of the link for the archives of the Charitable Wedding News. The back issues of this newsletter have an abundance of information on socially-conscious and earth-friendly weddings.

Planning a Wedding? Make it Green
Amanda Johnson - Co-op America
The author shares ideas for creating a green wedding and describes her own green wedding.

A Green Wedding
Suzanne Gerber - The Green Guide - May/June 2003
Advice on selecting the venue, food, flowers, apparel, favors and gifts, illustrated with examples from a real-life green wedding.

Nice Day for a Green Wedding: How to Marry Your Sweetheart and Love the Planet
Suzanne Gerber - Grist Magazine - May 8, 2003
Discusses environmentally-friendly wedding choices for food, venue, clothing, favors, and invitations. Illustrates these with examples from real-life weddings.

Unsung Heroes: Member Spotlight: The "O'Hurleys"
Jennifer Errick - In Balance - Issue #30, Winter 2004/2005
The tale of a couple who made their commitment ceremony green by eschewing disposable tableware, giving out environmentally-minded wedding favors, and convincing a local burger restaurant to do vegan catering for their dinner!

Showered in Time
Jennifer Errick - Living Green Below Your Means - June 7, 2006
This blog entry describes the author's request for gifts of time, skill, or experience for her bridal shower and wedding, instead of gifts of material goods. The response from her friends and family is overwhelming. They go above and beyond their duty to volunteer their time, talent, and creativity, turning the shower and wedding into genuinely heartfelt celebrations. This foray into non-traditional, non-material wedding gifts is a stunning success.

Have a Heart: How to Have a Valentine's Day With a Conscience
The Green Guide staff - Grist Magazine - February 12, 2003
While not wedding-specific, this article presents some compelling reasons to think twice when buying fresh flowers—something to consider when selecting floral arrangements for a wedding. The article recommends local and/or organic growers whose flowers are kinder to the environment and to agricultural workers.

Why Bother With Organic Flowers?
Donella Meadows - The Global Citizen - November 11, 1999
Another article that makes the case for organic flowers by describing the impact of conventional growing methods on the environment and on the health of third-world workers in the cut flower industry.

Wedding Flowers Fresh Cut Out of a Garden
Pam Jung - The Union - July 24, 2003

Article about a charming small organic flower farm, the couple who runs it, and the surprisingly good value they provide for wedding flowers.

Diamonds: No One’s Best Friend?
Mandy Burrell - Conscious Choice - May 2004
A well-written, in-depth article on one engaged couple's quest to find a conflict-free diamond engagement ring. Also covers a jewelry business owned by activists working to eliminate conflict diamonds, as well as the current state of the gemstone trade and its connections to violent conflicts and human rights abuses in Africa, Burma, and elsewhere. The sidebar describes commitment symbols in other cultures and suggests alternatives to a traditional diamond engagement ring—some conventional, some far-out. A real eye-opener of a piece.

Ask Umbra: Deplored of the Rings
Umbra Fisk - Grist Magazine - February 13, 2003
Advice columnist answers a reader's question about engagement and wedding ring options that avoid the environmental pitfalls of mining and the ethical pitfalls of the African diamond trade.

Interview: Douglas Farah, Journalist
Terry Gross - Fresh Air - NPR radio broadcast - May 3, 2004

Interview with a journalist who investigated the use of West African blood diamonds to fund terrorist groups. Real food for thought when considering the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Green Partying: Five Easy Steps
Maureen Ryan - The Green Guide - May/June 2006
A green party-planning checklist that is also applicable for a wedding celebration. Covers invitations, decorations, food and drink, favors, and tableware. Mentions lots of vendors, including sources for organic wines and beer, and bakeries that will ship organic cakes and cheesecakes to your door.

The Eco-Wedding: Saving the Earth, One Vow at a Time
Susan Fornoff - San Francisco Chronicle - January 15, 2006

A reporter follows a San Francisco Bay Area couple and the choices they make in order to plan a more sustainable wedding. They choose their venue to minimize air travel by guests, refer their guests to a hybrid car rental agency, select seasonal, locally-grown, organic foods to reduce the environmental impact of their wedding menu, and supply "ecofetti" to throw at the happy couple.

Earth-Friendly Weddings: Saving the Earth, One Question at a Time
NOW Magazine - July 15-21, 2004, Vol. 23, No. 46
A Toronto magazine gives answers about green weddings and recommends various Toronto vendors.

Green Weddings: Walk Down the Bridal Path the Natural Way
Lisa Whitaker - GingerStreet.com
Another Toronto website covers green weddings and interviews local Toronto vendors.

Couples Say 'I Do' to Green Weddings
Liz Stevens - Fort Worth Star-Telegram - March 6, 2004
Short article on the green wedding trend, plus a few green wedding tips. Mentions a few vendors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Diamonds Are A Guerilla's Best Friend
The Green Guide
Article on the conflict diamond trade, the barriers to international efforts to curb it, and actions that consumers can take.

Digging for Ethical Gems
Liz Borkowski - RealMoney - March/April 2005
Describes the issues in the gem mining industry related to the environment, labor conditions for mine workers, and conflict diamonds. Lists actions that consumers can take, plus additional resources on ethical gems.

Vowing to be Green
Ritzy Ryciak - Conscious Choice - June 2006
Describes some interesting products and services for green weddings, such as eco-friendly professional planners, gowns, and even eco-friendly bustiers and hair salons! Recounts some of the green touches used in the wedding of Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, to his vegan-chef girlfriend Alex Jamieson.

A Green Wedding: From Cakes to Clothes, Couples Opt to Go Organic
Roxanne Washington - The Plain Dealer - March 26, 2003
Overview of the Organic Weddings web site and the products and services available from green/organic wedding vendors in Cleveland, Ohio. Geared towards couples who want a green/organic version of the full traditional wedding.

More Couples Choosing to Make Their Weddings Green
Joan Lowy - Scripps Howard News Service - March 14, 2005

Describes some of the options available for green weddings, such as delicious examples of organic, locally-grown foods to serve, hemp gowns that are both eco-friendly and elegant, and more. Definitely aimed at the upscale organic wedding crowd.


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