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Welcome to Resources for Sustainable Weddings! Here, you'll find a collection of pointers to websites, news articles, books, alternative gift registries, and more for planning your own sustainable wedding. There are descriptions and short reviews of each resource to help you locate the information you need. But first, you may be wondering...

What is a "sustainable wedding"?

"Sustainable wedding" is a catch-all phrase that I use to describe a wedding that has some or all of the attributes below. These characteristics are associated with sustainability and with the diverse people who put it into practice. (Learn more about sustainability issues from these organizations.) A sustainable wedding can be:

  • Simple
  • Organic
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Socially-responsible
  • Cruelty-free
  • Frugal/less expensive
  • Less consumption-oriented
  • More meaningful
  • More in tune with personal values

And, of course, a sustainable wedding can be beautiful, creative, elegant, and unforgettable!

As you can see, sustainability has many different angles. When planning my own wedding, the resources that I found would often focus on one or two of these angles while ignoring the others. I had to look in many different places to find all of the information that I needed. Furthermore, information about planning, say, a "green" wedding is still less commonplace than information about planning a conventional/mainstream wedding—although that's changing. But even when I did discover something useful, it was a book here, a news article there, but no website gathering together all of the wedding resources related to the various angles of sustainability. That is why I created this website—to find these resources, bring them all together under one roof, and share them with others. I hope you'll enjoy the fruits of my research! If you have suggestions for other sustainable wedding resources, email them to me at sustainable_weddings@yahoo.com.

Congratulations! Have fun planning your upcoming wedding, and I hope you'll make it a sustainable one!


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